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  • Foam ECG Electrode
    INTCO "SF" series foam electrodes are a cost effective general adult/child/pediatric monitoring electrode. Foam substrate repels fluids and conforms to body contours. The patented conductive hydrogel is designed to stay fresh up to 30 days out of package.
  • Disposable Non-woven ECG Electrode
    INTCO "SN" series electrodes are intended for use in general adult/child/pediatric monitoring applications. The soft, cloth substrate is gentle on patients with sensitive skin. The packages of 50 includes a ziplock feature to keep product in good storage.
  • Medical Tape ECG Electrode
    The clear tape substrate allows for visual evaluation of patient skin. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up.
  • Disposable Micropore ECG electrode
    Micropore tape backing is gentle to the skin for increased patient comfort. Ideal for long term monitoring (can stay in place for 3 days).Solid gel electrode conforms to the skin quickly allowing high quality,uninterrupted traces. Latex free.Various shapes and sizes.
  • Repositionable ECG Electrode
    INTCO "RS" series repositionable ECG electrode incorporates a full surface conductive adhesive hydrogel which provides strong adhesion, yet is gentle to delicate skin upon removal. The full surface gel allows the electrodes to be removed and reapplied without sacrificing adhesion. The spunlace cloth substrate is soft and allows moisture to evaporate. INTCO "RS" series is offered in various sizes to accommodate all patient types.
  • Radiolucent ECG Electrode
    A high performance adult electrodes ideal for hospital-wide use where a radiolucent feature is needed. Available in both a foam and cloth version. The thin substrate incorporates an aggressive adhesive, is fluid-resistant, flexible and conforms easily to patient skin.
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