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  • Fever Cooling Patch
    The disposable antipyretic patch has a unique mint scent, which can prevent heatstroke and cool down and refresh the mind; it uses natural polymer gel ingredients. Children and adults can use it with confidence.
  • Breast Gel Pack
    The breast hot and cold compress pad is used in combination with the supporting protective gear, which is soft and comfortable, and fits perfectly with the breast; Non-toxic, no phthalates, no bisphenol A, no latex.
  • Perineal Instant Cold Pack
    Perineal cold compress pads provide gentle and effective care for parturients, constrict capillaries, relieve local congestion and bleeding, and accelerate wound recovery; reduce local tissue metabolism and reduce local edema.
  • Infant Heel Warmers
    The baby foot protector can speed up the blood flow in the heel area of ​​the baby's heel, minimizing bruises or soft tissue damage caused by blood sampling. Put the hot bag on the heel and bind it with self-adhesive, which is convenient to use.
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