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Supply Availability
Across the country, demand continues to grow at 300% higher than traditional manufacturing and distribution volumes and has outstripped normal demand by 1000% for certain products. We continue to expand more production lines of exam gloves and face mask, etc. Intco Medical will try our best to do everything possible to satisfy the needs of matching COVID-level demand. While allocations remain on many categories, we will provide updates as needed.
Supplies on allocation include, but are not limited to, the following:
UPDATED December 19, 2020
  • Exam gloves
  • Protective gloves
  • Facemasks
  • Apparels and Isolation gowns
  • Face shield
  • Shoe cover
  • Mob cap and Bouffant cap
  • Hand sanitizer
Although factories in China and other parts of Asia have re-opened, many are operating with restrictions, and production and distribution continue to be slow. However, Intco Medical invested more factories in China, we will have more than 300 production lines including nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves and so on in 2021. We will certainly be able to provide sufficient firepower to support our global customers.
Enterprise Response
  • 5000 employees working round-the-clock
    We’ve continued full operations since the beginning of illness, with more than 5000 employees in our domestic manufacturing bases.
  • Increasing hand sanitizer, isolation gown, face shield production lines
    In the beginning of the illness, we increased new production lines for manufacturing all kinds of medical supplies in to supply a substantial volume of hand sanitizer, face shield, and different level isolation gowns for our customers.
  • Increasing PPE production
    INTCO Medical has substantially increased overall global production capacity for PPE products.
  • Donating millions of exam gloves and face masks.
    INTCO Medical has joined hands with Huawei, Alibaba and other companies to donate millions of medical gloves and hundreds of thousands of face masks to medical institutions and communities across the country, the donation activities will continue.
Protecting Our Team & Our Customers
Here’s an overview of some of the efforts in our China facilities to support the fight against illness during these unprecedented times. Similar initiatives have occurred globally.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with employees

    • Only essential employees are working on-site.
    • We have instituted temperature checks outside of manufacturing facilities before employees or deliveries may enter.
    • We are also enforcing our policy for sending home sick employees.
    • All business travel has been halted.