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  • Cooling Gel Pillow
    Relieves soreness, muscle aches, numbness, headaches and stress pain. It is also very suitable for hot flashes and sweating. Absorbing heat from the body helps you sleep better on hot days. It is an ideal choice for family beds, cribs, and hospital equipment.
  • Heat Patch
    Activated carbon heats up quickly, stable at a constant temperature, and lasts for 8 hours; Helps relieve minor muscle & joint pain, overwork, strain, sprain, arthritis, periodic pain, etc.
  • Ice Pillow
    Long-lasting cooling, special cooling fabrics, cool but not ice, ideal for home summer heat.
  • Cool Gel Mat
    Satin cloth composite PVC surface layer, easy to clean; double-layer hot pressing process, strong and durable; filler polymer polyhydrogel has good heat exchange performance, long-lasting cooling.
  • Ice Bag
    Available in different sizes and colors, portable and reusable; The pleated design allows the bag fabric to fit the contours of the body more, and the cold treatment effect is remarkable.
  • Eye Mask
    Ice compress to relieve eye swelling, and hot compress to relieve eye fatigue; Whether at home or in the office, it is the perfect choice for first aid or beauty;
  • Hot-water Bag
    The hot water bottle is made of natural rubber, an environmentally friendly material, and is a traditional winter product.
  • Cartoon Hot/Cold Toy Pack
    Convenient to use outdoors, easy to carry, and rapid heating; It can be customized and the price is beautiful. It is a good choice for gifts and promotional items.
  • Massage Ball
    Relax and stretch muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation and free flow of oxygen; Effectively relieve muscle cramps and tension in the back, arms, legs and other parts.
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