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Applicator Tampon
  • Regualr Tampon Diameter: 1.1-1.2cm;
  • Super Tampon Diameter:1.2-1.3cm;
  • Super Plus Tampon Diameter: 1.3-1.4cm;
  • High quality material: VISCOSE/100% Organic cotton;
  • Smooth Non-woven, reduce fiber shedding and gives smooth insertion;
  • Smooth round top, silky touch;
  • No leaking, fit your body and provide 360° orotection;


Petal type rounded tip- Reduce discomfort during insertion;

Delicate catheter body- It's really smooth;

Anti-slip design- No-slip grip;

Smooth inner application- Easy to push in.

Regular Absorbency (11.3 cm): 6~9g;

Super Absorbency (11.5cm): 9~12g;

Super Plus Absorbency (11.7cm): 12~15g

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