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INTCO Medical Tops the List of 100 Growth-oriented Listed Companies in 2023
TIME: 2024-02-22 FROM: INTCO Medical

Recently, INTCO Medical was honored to be ranked among the top 100 growth-oriented listed companies for the year 2023 by the renowned investor community, Snowball, in China. This accolade is based on comprehensive factors including Snowball Index, financial performance, and secondary market trading activity, aiming to recognize outstanding listed companies across various dimensions.


As a leading global manufacturer of medical consumables and high-tech devices, INTCO Medical has achieved significant milestones in business development, technological innovation, and social responsibility over the past year. The company's solid financial performance and active secondary market trading have garnered widespread recognition from investors.


INTCO Medical sees this award as an opportunity to continue adhering to market demand-driven strategies, driven by technological innovation, to enhance the company's core competitiveness and provide higher-quality products and services to global customers. Additionally, INTCO Medical will further strengthen communication with investors, increase transparency, and earn the trust and support of investors.