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Anhui INTCO Medial was honored with the Top 50 Tax Contributions of Private Enterprises in Anhui Province
TIME: 2022-03-10 FROM: INTCO Medical

On March 9th, The ceremony of Anhui INTCO Medical was honored with Top 50 Tax Contributions of Private Enterprises in Anhui Province was held at INTCO Medical manufacturing base in Huaibei, Anhui Province. Yong Song, Commissioner of Suixi Inland Revenue, Zhangshen Hua, subsection chief of Suixi Inland Revenue, Sirong Cao, Commissioner of Inland Revenue of Development Zone, Fangyi Liu, the chairman of INTCO Medical, Qiong Chen, general manager of INTCO Medical,Haisheng Yu,  deputy general manager of INTCO MedicalYuxia Chen, general manager of Anhui Kaize Advanced Material Co.,Ltd attended the ceremony.

Anhui INTCO Medical Products Co.,Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of INTCO Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. In 2020, INTCO Medical Anhui manufacturing base accelerated the expansion and realized the great-leap-forward development under the leadership of the chairman, Fangyi Liu. And now, Anhui INTCO Medical has been the world-leading disposable gloves manufacturing base.

For further enhancing the control of product costs, forming joint force of competition, Anhui INTCO Medical invested and established Anhui Kaize Advanced Material Co.,Ltd, Anhui Guoyi Mould Technology Co.,Ltd, Therefore, Anhui INTCO Medical realized the supply chain integration and ensured the stable supply of upstream raw materials.  

In the future, Anhui INTCO Medical will take this honor as the latest starting point, continuously promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the enterprise, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and make greater contributions to the local economic development, contributed more responsibility to realize Anhui province's goal of " strong manufacturing province.