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Two awards were presented during the 10th CFS China Finance Summit
TIME: 2021-08-28 FROM: INTCO Medical

The CFS 10th China Finance Summit as well as the 2021 Sustainable Business Conference was held in Shanghai on 28 and 29 July. Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman of INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd., was awarded with "Outstanding Business Leader of the Decade" and INTCO Medical was awarded with "2021 Industry Influential Brand."

The China Finance Summit, founded in 2012, has grown to be one of the most significant venues for the exchange of ideas in the Chinese economy. The Summit brought together prominent figures from commerce, politics, academia, the media, and the arts and culture, with over 200 authoritative speakers from a variety of industries, to exchange new ideas, express China's economic confidence, and support recovery and growth.

The two awards earned by INTCO Medical demonstrate the industry's high regard for the company's complete strength and brand power. Additionally, it illustrates INTCO Medical's inventive vigor and sustained growth under the leadership of Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman of the Board.

INTCO Medical is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the research, manufacturing, and marketing of medical equipment consumables.

INTCO Medical, China's largest maker of disposable gloves, was the first local firm to import an innovative nitrile glove production line from Malaysia. 

The company's new nitrile glove manufacturing line has achieved the highest international standards, with self-designed production lines and 122 patented innovations, and its product requirements have earned several international certifications. It is one of the few Chinese enterprises capable of manufacturing medical-grade nitrile and PVC gloves on a big and steady scale. At the moment, INTCO Medical's annualized capacity for disposable gloves is 51 billion units, significantly above the industry average.