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Developing a world-class management team and determining the path to management leadership
TIME: 2021-08-28 FROM: INTCO Medical

INTCO Medical and the Plus One Institute will collaborate to create a Management Excellence Training Camp in 2021. The five-session training camp will give systematic instruction to INTCO Medical's middle and senior management in five modules: culture, growth, organization, leadership, and practical skills.

On 23 and 24 July, the second training session, "Excellent Managers' Growth Power - Exponential Growth Principles and Creating an Iron Army of Sales" invited Mr. Xu Huan Sheng, a well-known Chinese Internet combat expert, and Mr. Zhang Jian, a former Vice President of Cisco (China), to conduct a training session for the INTCO Medical Management Excellence Training Camp participants. The training was attended by Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman of INTCO Medical, Ms. Chen Qiong, General Manager, Mr. Ma Dehua, Chief Talent Officer, and Mr. Yu Haisheng, Deputy General Manager.

Mr. Xu Huansheng was asked by INTCO Medical to give a course on "Exponential Growth Principles" on 23 July. Mr. Xu Huansheng has ten years plus of expertise in strategy and management in the conventional business, as well as rich experiences in product development in the Internet sector. In contrast to other theorists, Prof. Xu has always been on the cutting edge of practice. He has directly supervised initiatives such as Dingdang Kuaiyao and Feihe Milk Powder, transforming Dingdang Kuaiyao into an industry unicorn in three years and growing Feihe Milk Powder from 3 billion to its present market value of over 140 billion.

Mr. Xu Huangsheng covers the concepts of "Exponential Growth Principles" in this course "What constitutes a truly excellent product?" , "How can user pain points be refined?" , "How to set up a user system and administer private domain traffic?" and dug further and deeper into the mysteries and heart of the product throughout this session. He also provided an in-depth examination of successful instances such as Dingdang Kuaiyao and China Feihe, and presented the attendees the five-level model of exponential development that had been implemented in practice for many years.

"Sales is definitely not about selling things, it's a science." Mr. Zhang Jian, who has over two decades of practical experience in sales management, gave a session on "How to perform Key Account Marketing and Sales" to the INTCO Medical Management Excellence Training Camp participants on 24 July.

Mr. Zhang Jian served as Vice President of Cisco (China) and General Manager of the Public Business Division. He was responsible for the government, education, and health care industries, which collectively generated more than $200 million in yearly revenue. He previously served as General Manager of HP's Government Business Division and Regional Business General Manager in China, and was a recipient of HP's highest global honors, including the "President's Club Award," the "Golden Lion Award," and the "Best Business Division Award" for his outstanding performance.

Mr. Zhang Jian taught the class from four perspectives: "Three Pillars of Excellent Sales" "Three Roles of Key Account Sales" "Three Levels of Key Account Sales" and "How to Build an Iron Army of Sales." Mr. Zhang Jian, a practitioner with extensive front-line expertise in key account sales, shared his years of practical experience and professional sales knowledge with the participants and taught them a valuable lesson through a simulated sales scenario exercise.

Enterprises’ development is a human endeavor, and only continual learning and progress of each individual and team may result in greater enterprise development. The two professors' extensive theoretical knowledge and case sharing will, I think, also offer trainees with important learning experiences and problem-solving ideas in their future practical work, therefore strengthening the promotion of INTCO Medical's better quality and more efficient development.