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Join hands with Jiayang to start the digital transformation of Human Resource
TIME: 2021-08-28 FROM: INTCO Medical

On 12 July, INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiayang Information System Co., Ltd. convened a "INTCO Medical Human Resources Digital Transformation Project Launch Meeting" at INTCO's Shanghai headquarters to kick off both parties' digital transformation of their human resources.

Ms. Chen Qiong, General Manager of INTCO Medical, Mr. Ma Dehua, Chief Talent Officer of INTCO, as well as Mr. Cai Zhiping, General Manager of Jiayang, Mr. Tang Zhiqian, Director of Implementation Department, and Mr. Lv Chuanbo, Director of Sales Department, attended the meeting, and all HR teams of INTCO, totaling more than 110 people, participated in the meeting via video.

INTCO actively reacts to possibilities and difficulties in the post-epidemic period, as well as the dramatic changes in the macro environment, and recognizes the critical role of human resources in company development. INTCO Medical believes that the new human resources system will not only satisfy changing company demands, but will also empower employees with sophisticated tools, enabling them to maximize their potential and enjoy a positive work experience guided by quality tools.

Shanghai Jiayang Information System Co., Ltd, established in 1995, is the earliest participant and promoter of the digitalization of human resource management in China. This time, INTCO Medical and Jiayang are collaborating on a new update of the existing human resources system.

The human resources digital transformation project improves not only the fundamental organization and people, payroll, attendance, and performance, but also employee self-help, e-signature, mobile apps, and other applications. The upgrade fully supports the configuration and independent development of the business HR digital management platform, as well as the secondary development platform, enabling the creation of a human resource digital management center capable of rapidly responding to INTCO Medical's changing business needs, achieving data governance and risk management, optimizing and upgrading human resource-related business, and improving the accuracy of human resource management. It supports management decision-makers with reliable data and increases employee satisfaction across the board.

INTCO Medical will embark on a new digital transformation of human resources through this cooperation with Jiayang, establishing a strong HR digital platform, empowering workers, and achieving greater quality development.