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Intco Medical | Helping Minhang District, Shanghai Build an Emergency Material Reserve
TIME: 2021-02-22 FROM: INTCO Medical

On 7 Feb., 2021, the Minhang Branch of Shanghai Disaster Relief Material Reserve and the Minhang District Emergency Material Reserve held an opening ceremony. Yin Ou, the Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and Director of the Municipal Grain and Material Reserve Bureau; Chen Yujian, the Deputy Secretary of Minhang District Committee and District Mayor; Yin Fei, the Party Leadership Member and Deputy Director of the Municipal Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, as well as main leaders of Minhang District Economic Commission (District Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau), District Emergency Bureau, the Meilong Town, and the leaders in charge of Songjiang District Economic Commission (District Grain and Material Reserve Bureau), and the Minhang Military Grain Station of Liangyou Group presented the ceremony. Mr. Liu Fangyi, the Chairman of Intco Medical (stock code: 300677), kept in their company. 

The establishment of the reserve center marks the full development of normalized epidemic prevention and control work, as well as the overall improvement of emergency response capabilities. To this end, Intco Medical decided to donate 100,000 disposable nitrile gloves, 100,000 disposable PVC gloves, 1000 isolation gowns, as well as hand sanitizer and isolation masks, totaling a value of more than RMB 200,000 yuan, to the Minhang District Emergency Material Reserve Center. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of government and enterprise, the efficiency of emergency support services and capabilities of emergency medical material storage will be comprehensively improved, so as to actively assist the Minhang District in the storage of emergency epidemic prevention materials, and to make due contributions to the development of the medical and health industry in the Minhang District.