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The Notice on Counterfeiting Products and Packaging of Intco Medical
TIME: 2020-12-01 FROM: Intco Medical

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in global range resulting in disposable glove shortage, the phenomenon has been noticed where individuals and groups, in the name of sales representative, customers, distributors, or authorized agents of Intco Medical, negotiate with buyers, sign purchase contracts and counterfeit Intco product packaging to sell unqualified gloves and gain profits illegally.

In addition, it cannot be neglected that many workshops counterfeit the product packaging of Synmax vinyl glove from Intco Medical, partly of whom even claim these fake gloves are nitrile gloves to deceive buyers. The behavior above extremely hurts the interests of buyers and business reputation of Intco Medical.

To safeguard the legit right of the company and customers, the specific claims as follow:

1. No large amounts of product in stock. The manufacture schedule is compatible with issued Purchase Orders, no allocation for middleman.

2. No authorized agent in the world range. It must be a scam when companies or individuals claim they possess the allocation or stock of Intco products

3. The official packaging of Synmax vinyl gloves of Intco following. Anyone who perceives the following products and other with Intco Brand sold by third-party companies, please contact us to validate the authenticity.


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November 30th, 2020