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TIME: 2020-11-20 FROM: Intco Medical

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, INTCO Medical is devoting its utmost to help the people combat this WAR. However, more and more fraud trading companies and traders are being found to attempt to obtain the illegal profit by claiming that they are distributors, brokers, or relatives, schoolmates, friends of our company executives and even counterfeiting our Official Seal, Letter of Authorization, Sales Contract of INTCO Medical.

Hereby we displayed some of those counterfeit methods and made some clarification of these scammers:

Counterfeit Method

Clarification from Intco Medical

Claiming to be a broker, authorized agent or authorized representative of Intco Medical and showing the counterfeited authorization letter.

Intco Medical doesn’t authorize any company or third-party agents to sell our brand products.

All transactions are handled by Intco Medical directly.

Claiming to be our customer, and showing the contract, PI, certifications, test reports, etc.

Most of the PI documents are fake, and the certifications or test reports can’t prove the company has our products.

Claiming to have production allocation or capacity of Intco brand products or made by Intco.

No production allocation, We produce to order.

Claiming to have millions of Intco ready stock, and showing the video or pictures to customer.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a global shortage of gloves. Hence, any claim to have millions of Intco stock is untrue.

Claiming to have Intco products, and selling to customers at a price far below our indicative price

All of our products have uniform indicative price, any quotation below or higher than our price is fake. Please contact info@intco.com for product quotation.   

Promising buyers viewing of stock at Intco’s warehouse and send videos or pictures of warehouse to buyers.   

Due to the epidemic, we don’t allow customers to visit our warehouse and production line, and we don’t have any stock. We prohibit taking photos and videos in our factory and warehouse

Claiming to be our sales representative, and counterfeit our email signature, website link, wechat account, etc

Our official email suffix ends with @intco.com, you can dial the phone number of salesman directly. Our only official website is: www.intcomedical.com

Please contact +86 400-050-6868 or send email to info@intco.com if you find any issue.

Claiming to be the friends or relative of Intco chairman, director, general manager, and they can get products directly

Our company forbids any nepotism. All orders are signed directly through salesman and on record.

Claiming to have allocation or capacity of Intco products from our third-party agent or cooperation partner (hospital, etc)

We don’t have any third-party agents or authorized distributors, gloves sold to hospitals are not meant to be re-distributed or re-exported.

Eliciting potential buyers to submit Proof of Funds (POF) and Letter of Intention (LOI).

We never requests for any submission of POF or LOI for orders from buyers. Any POF or LOI submitted to us is not indicative of any order being placed.

Eliciting potential buyers to make advance payments to third parties or via Escrow account.

We don’t authorize payments via third parties, nor do we utilize Escrow accounts.

Delivering a small quantity of products with low price, to elicit potential customer to pay more for products

We have uniform guide quotationand no third-party has our product stock, no one has our allocation.

Eliciting potential buyers to make a portion of advance payment to Intco’s account and the remaining portion to a third-party account. Or pay the commission to third-party.

We never use any third-party bank account. Payments are not made (in part or in full) through any third parties.

Eliciting potential buyers to sign a Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) with brokers/allocation holders.

We own don’t sign NCNDA, nor do we appoint brokers or third parties to sign NCNDA for the Intco brand products.

Soliciting business via social media platforms(Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, etc) or blog platforms.

We never solicit any business via social media platforms, nor do we appoint any third parties to do so. Our social medical platforms are just for the press release, not for business.

Selling of counterfeit Intco products, which uses fake packaging and gloves, and modified or fake documents, certificates, photographs and videos.

Counterfeit products do not meet standards and pose a threat to the health and safety of glove users. Please feel free to contact +86 400-050 6868 or send email to info@intco.com for real products.

Registering similar company name like Intco Medical, counterfeiting Intco Medical and our official website

Chinese name of Intco Medical:英科医疗科技股份有限公司

English nameIntco medical technology Co.,Ltd

Official website (CN)www.intcomedical.com.cn

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