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TIME: 2020-09-05 FROM: Intco Medical

Dear Customer,


Recently, we got notified by our customers that some unscrupulous merchants or groups are counterfeiting our sales representatives with phishing email addresses and unofficial websites that are trying to scam our customers.


Those scam and frauds have hurt the interests of purchasers and Intco Medical's reputation.


To safeguard the legit right of the company and customers, the specific claims as follows:


1. Intco is equipped with strict regulations in product quality, brand, marketing, finical management, etc as a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Any commercial activities initiated by Intco will not violate the internal management system and market rules.


2. The exclusive official email of Intco Medical is info@intco.com, and all the email suffix of our staff ends with @intco.com.


For example:

Fake and scams are  sales@intcomeds.com, info@shandongintco.icu, and export1@shandongintco.icu.  


Fraud websites are: www.intcomedicals.com, and www.shandongintco.icu.


3. The payment of all purchase orders is collected through the corporate account. Please be aware of any requirement of remittance to a personal account or escrow account is not the official activity of our company.


4. Anyone who counterfeits fake identity to initiate business activity is a fraud, even committed to the crime of contract swindling. Legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the scammers only.


5. We hereby sincerely remind all the purchasers should always verifying the authenticity and personnel identity first when you receive suspected product quotations or other information regarding to Intco. Intco is not responsible for any consequences caused by fraudulent business activity.


Be Aware and Protect Your Self:

What to expect

An email that addresses you by name or company.


An email that directs you to an Intco owned site.


An email that provides context on why you are receiving it.



What we will never send you


An email that is not end with @intco.com.


An email that is from an unrelated third-party or directs to a third-party site.



Should you require any clarification about the above, feel free to contact us by the following:


Email address:info@intco.com

Website: www.intcomedical.com

Tel: 0086 400-050-6868


                                                     September 5th, 2020

                                                          Intco Medical

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